Senior Game Designer

  Employment term: Permanent                     Job Type: Full-time                        Location: Yerevan                                     


Job description:


We are looking for a Senior Game Designer like you to join us in our mission to create amazing games and experiences, and to improve ourselves and our craft.

Job responsibilities


  • Determine feature sets of core gameplay content releases, within the project’s creative constraints.
  • Work with other project leads to determine and prioritize ongoing improvements to gameplay features, ensuring they meet the quality bar
  • Ensure all design documentation is delivered on time, is detailed enough for accurate estimation and all impacted parties have been able to review and respond.
  • Promote teamwide understanding and excitement for content releases
  • Provide and solicit feedback from partners and team members in a graceful, constructive manner, with suggestions and solutions for improvement to both process and project
  • Work with Experience Design to incorporate feedback from research, playtest data, and community feedback to create an outstanding player experience


Required qualifications


  • Shipped at least one successful mobile game
  • 3+ years of experience in a design role with lead responsibility
  • Passion for playing and making games, with an understanding of what makes them fun
  • Understanding of mass-market appeal, and the ability to innovate within it
  • Understand the importance of documentation and teaching others
  • Enjoy creative problem-solving, and value respectful feedback processes
  • Broad taste in games