Game Analyst

  Employment term: Permanent                     Job Type: Full-time                        Location: Yerevan                                     


Job description:


Currently looking for a Data Analyst with an interest in freemium games who is capable of using analytics to drive feature decisions

regarding the game economy and user experience of our mobile games.


Job responsibilities


  • Supporting the game team in decisions and development, based on the past data on player behaviour.
  • Specifying and possibly implementing game analytics event reporting.
  • Proactively following the collective behaviour of players in order to spot any significant changes.
  • Constructing reliable reporting of high-level figures, such as the daily number of users and money spent in the game, to be utilized by the analytics team’s finance/marketing specialists.
  • Modelling the player behaviour in order to predict and facilitate affecting it.
  • Answering ad-hoc questions of the game team regarding player statistics and behaviour.


Required qualifications


  • A gamer (this is a must).
  • Strong skills in mathematical modelling, machine learning and/or statistics.
  • Enough work experience (2+ years) to know when not to apply them but to settle with quick and simple solutions.
  • The capability of communicating meaningful analysis results to people with a little mathematical background.
  • At least intermediate-level skills in SQL.
  • Knowledge of Big Data analysis with tools such as Google BigQuery is a big plus.
  • Good skill in written and oral English.
  • Familiarity with visualization and reporting tools such as Tableau is a plus.
  • Capable of introducing and enforcing a data-driven culture to people with no analytical